Fate Line In Palmistry – Destiny


Fate Line In Palmistry – Destiny 

Fate line is also called the destiny line or the line of luck. The ruling planet of this line is Saturn and maximum time this line goes to or towards Saturn mount. In Indian Palmistry this line is also called the line of karma, the line of wealth etc.     

This line indicates your past life karma(action) also, what is your accumulation of karma just according to that your present birth will take shape. Do not think that your present karma has no influence on your life, it has, but your whole life will be mapped by the past karma and thus sometimes we feel that incidents are happening in our life but we do not have any control on those, we try a lot to control them but can not control fully and those end up sometimes what we have never expected at all. This is called “destiny”. Be careful about every step you are taking in your life, because a wrong step can give wrong in return and a right step the right.


Destination Point of fate Line

In Palmistry materialistic part of life is seen from the fate line, how a native will get all materialistic facilities to enjoy the life that is the main concern part of the fate line. This line can go towards five destination points. Those are:     

1. If the line goes towards thumb so the native will lead his life like a king or he will enjoy all livelihood under the patronage of top most authorities of country or state.    

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2. If it turn towards or reached near index finger so the native becomes the assistant of the king( here ministry) of country, state or any kind of higher authority due to his intelligence and advisory power.  

3. If the line goes towards Saturn mount or middle finger so the native prosper in his life by hard work and self effort. But remember, the line should be un-interrupted, if it is interrupted so the native has to face tough challenges in life to get success, more interruption that much challenges and hard-work. Later I will talk about interruption of this line in details.    

4. If the line goes towards ring finger or reached the mount of sun(ring finger) so the native becomes very wealthy, he gains wealth through business. Name & fame will be always at his feet. He will have the power to dominate others and a refined leadership quality which can makes them a political leader. To become a successful leader in politics nowadays you must have the support of jupiter also, because Jupiter give good judgement power which helps the native to tale right decision at the right time.    

5. If the line goes towards little finger so the native will be a businessman, specially ventures.    In all cases what I have mentioned above the fate line should be un-interrupted and clean. A fresh fate line can give a prosperous life.    

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Starting point of fate line    

The fate can start from anywhere on the palm, but here I will talk about only those which can be seen most of the time. Following can be the starting position of fate line:    

1. If it starts from the wrist so the native has to take the responsibility of people from beginning of his career, it may be the responsibility fo family or any body, the responsibility will come automatically. Sometimes from very childhood. That’s why sometimes we see child labors around us, sometimes some families also depend on the income of those children, it may happen in future he will become very successful, but just think from the very childhood they are taking the responsibility of the family. Story varies from man to man but the fact is same, that the native has to take responsibilities and this is the fact. If this line touches the heart line so there will be a chance of suffering from heart disease too. Sometimes, the native suffers from frustration and mental agony due to losing love partner in life.  

2. If the line starts from little bit bit upper portion of the wrist means from the starting region of the palm and goes towards Saturn mount or middle finger so the native will prosper in life by his self effort or hard-work & perseverance .    

3. If the fate line starts from Moon mount and reaches the mount of Mars (the region under the little finger and between heart & head line) so opposite sex will help the native to become successful in life. this type of line will make the native a person with restless mind, their decisions are not stable, changing all the time. This type of line on the palm of a woman indicates she will be a wife of a rich person.    

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4. If the fate line starts from the life line and goes towards Saturn mount or middle finger so the will be a business man. The native may start his/her career with service or job but when the right age of that line will come he/she will involve him/herself in business. Actually these type of people are very much independent type, they do not like to obey anybody’s command rather to give. sometimes they get help of the nearest person to become a successful businessman.    

More on Fate Line are coming soon…………

One thought on “Fate Line In Palmistry – Destiny

  1. moni says:

    could you please tell me, what does mean on this photo of a palm on top that the Mercury (Health) line touches the Life line, while the fate line is very long?
    Doesn’t it mean that an illness threatens life at that point?
    Thanks for reply in advance.

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