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Marriage Age In Palmistry

Marriage Age In Palmistry

How to predict age of marriage in palmistry

Marriage Age In Palmistry: This article is going to give you the answer what you ask several times to yourself – when will i get married? To know the Age of Marriage indications from your palm you have to look at certain points. I will discuss them all one by one. But, remember, sometimes one point or indication is not enough to determine the marriage age of a native, sometimes you need to combine all of them. Now let’s discuss on “Age of Marriage In Palmistry”.  

Some ways are there in palmistry to find out the exact age of marriage, if you practice a lot by seeing various palms so very fast you will become the expert to predict marriage age through palmistry. Initially you can use small scale to get the exact result. Gradually, after some days you would be able to predict without scale also. When you are going to predict Marriage in palmistry always you have to remember following points.   

Marriage age calculation in palmistry

Marriage age calculation in palmistry

1. Age of Marriage In Palmistry from the affection line:

In my previous article Marriage line in Palmistry I have discussed on “Affection Line”. But still here I am giving a short description on that – Affection line can be seen on the mount of Mercury on the extreme corner of palm, some people call it Marriage line also. But, if you practice Palmistry so you will find several palms where this line is present but they never have got married and in some palms this line is totally absent but still they have got married and leading a normal marital life. I have seen so many palms like these. But, one thing is for sure, if this line is present so at that particular age the native will be involved in a relationship with opposite sex. And If several affection lines are there of various sizes, so, the longest and deepest would be the indicator of a deep relationship. Now you can understand why I call this line as “Affection Line”.    

Marriage age prediction in palmistry


Calculate age of marriage palmistry: Now the way of getting age of those affections are very easy – What I am going to share with you, nobody has disclosed the theory at all without with their favorite students. But, here I will discuss that, because I do not like hide & seek when the matter is related to knowledge. The process is – Just look at your 4 fingers, do not count the Thumb here. Index finger, Middle Finger, Ring Finger & finally The Little Finger. At the gap of every finger is counted as the age of 25. Suppose the gap between Index and Middle Finger – draw a straight vertical line from the gap point to head line, where the line will cross on the head line that would be the first 25 years of your age, the next gaps (between fingers) would be counted in the same way and we will get 50 years of age and the third & last gap would be of the 75 years of age, thus we will get ages of Head line.    

Age of Marriage In Palmistry from Fate Line

Now count the age of heart line – here the same process you have to follow but the counting you have to start from the gap between little finger and the ring finger, this will be the starting 25 years of age of your life.  

Now the age of life line. Here you have to start from the index finger again. Draw the line from the gap to life line and where it will cross that point will be the first 25 years of your age.    

The last thing you have to do, you have to see that, which age is mostly indicated by these three Major Lines. Suppose you have got 70 years from three of the lines. It may happen that from heart line you have got 75 years, from head line you have got 70 years and from life line you have got 70 again, so here 70 is getting majority. So, our, result would be also 70 years of age.  

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Now, The distance between heart line and the point where the mercury mount is starting take as 70 years span( the common age what we got from previous calculation). The middle of the distance would be 35, and if you divide them more you will get more ages. Now see at which age “Affection Lines” are located, at that particular age you are going to get into a relationship. The deeper and longer the line – that much deeper and longer the relationship is. The deepest and longest line will be taken as the most influential relationship in one’s life. It could indicate marriage also.  

If you do not get any affection line, do not panic. Whether somebody will come to your life or not that depends upon so many other factors also. This is the most important factor or line what I have discussed now among all (affection line). 

If you do not count the age the way I have mentioned so you will be in confusion always that, being the affection line at the same place on the palm of different people, they are getting married at different ages. So, do not confuse yourself and just follow the rule to get the exact and different ages of marriage for different people.    

Suppose we have got the age of deepest affection line so far. Now we have to see that relationship will convert into marriage socially or not at that particular age. Read my next points –  

Marriage Age In Palmistry

2. Age of Marriage In Palmistry from Fate Line:

Marriage age prediction in palmistry

How Fate Line is Related to Marriage – to know that you have to read my previous article. Now, here I will only discuss on how to get age from the fate line. If the line is starting from Moon mount so you have to draw a line from the gap point between little finger and ring finger to fate line, where it will cross that point would be the first 25 years of your age. If the line starts from life line so according to the rule of age counting from life line you will have to get the age. But, confusion starts when the fate line originates from the wrist or from the middle of the palm. Do not worry at all, I will make that easy also. Locate the Thumb angle. This is the region where the Thumb has made an angle with the palm. Just draw a straight horizontal line from that point to fate line, where the line will cross that point would be the first 25 years of your age. Now count accordingly.  

Find out at what age any small line has touched the fate line and if that line is also indicating the same age what has already been indicated by affection line so that would be the age of marriage.  

3. To get the age of marriage from the Influence Line you have to follow the age of life line.

Some lines you will be seeing, coming downwards from the inside region of life line(on the side of mars mount). Sometimes those are very subtle, sometimes are very prominent. To see the subtle lines you may have to use a magnifying glass. Those lines also confirm the age of marriage.

In my future articles I will discuss in more details on this topic or on other astrological topic. To get updates of my article subscribe to my page.


Marriage Line In palmistry


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