Shape Of Hands In Palmistry

Shape Of Hands In Palmistry

Shape Of Hands In Palmistry: Now I will talk about elements related to hands. Everybody we know that, the whole creation is just made up with five elements, and when our body and mind are also the part this creation so the same five elements are ruling our bodily existence also. Let’s see how those are influencing our palm reading. Among five elements one element is “space”, that controls our mind directly. That is a complex matter to judge, and I will definitely discuss on that later in detail, let’s just take other four elements and start the discussion on shape of hands and fingers.

Hand elements & shape In Palmistry

We can divide our hands into four parts according to their elements, they are:

  1. Square Palms & short fingers – earth element
  2. Square Palms & long fingers – air element
  3. Oblong Palms & short fingers – fire element
  4. Oblong palms & long fingers – water element

Remember; do not mix this discussion with elements (fire, water, air & earth) of 12 signs in natural zodiac. That is totally different part. 

Fire Hands – Oblong Palms & short fingers In Palmistry

The basic characteristics of Fire are – hot; energizing & constantly moving. If it is controlled it can give gentle heat and can help us in several ways but if it is not so, it also can burn everything in a minute. It needs a careful handling then only it will be bliss for us, otherwise it can take a devastating shape & can turn just almost everything into ashes. If you understand the basic things so it would not be tough for you to say a lot about the person’s career, marriage, the marital relationships, education etc. because everywhere his basic characteristics will be flashing out. A people with this type of hands are very emotional, creative & enthusiastic. Sometimes they, themselves also find it difficult to handle their emotions. 

They dislike any kind of detail work due to their short finger effect & want everything to be happened just right now. They do not have that much patience to do any kind of work which needs long attention, if they get so become bored very easily. The long palm gives them the intuition power. Their mind is always full of ideas, all the time they are thinking of some creative ideas, but the drawback is that, those ideas do not stay for long and new ideas take place before the existing idea to take its practical shape. Thus, so many wonderful ideas just remain as “ideas of mental sphere”, practically they do fructify. These type of people love to enjoy the life to – the fullest. 

Earth Hands – Square Palms & short fingers In Palmistry

At first try let’s try to understand the basic characteristics of earth element. Earth is the solid part of the planet we are living. Constantly something is happening on the surface of it with a rhythm of birth, growth, death or decay; and below the surface one constant changing process is going on, anytime which can which can lead to – earthquakes & any other upheavals. In the inner world it is changing constantly but to the outer world it is the sign of “stability”. When it is necessary they can be behave very violently. 

That’s why the “Earth Hand” people are very much practical and steady in their decision. These type of people are reliable & down-to-earth. They like repetitive work. Due to the influence of earth element, they like rhythm in life. They are possessive, reserved & conservative. All the time they are ready to accept physical challenges. They are very stubborn & do not change their decisions so easily. 

Air Hands – Square Palms & long fingers In Palmistry

Air gives us life, a second without air we cannot even imagine. But, in windy days the picture is quite different, that is the devastating side of air. Air also flows everywhere and thus we cannot think of communication without air, because it gives a flow to “Sound Waves”.

Air is fast moving and always active. People with Air hands do not believe in intuition that much, rather they depend on logic more. In word you can say they like to be logical more than emotional. They can learn anything very quickly and express themselves also clearly. They always like communication. If these type of people would be there around you at any time, it would be impossible for you to become bore. In groups they are like “stimulant”, actually they enjoy speaking with others. In case of career, which is all about just communication, they will perform very well there. They feel very active in doing communication linked jobs. 

Water Hands – Oblong palms & long fingers In Palmistry

 Water, if we think deeply about it, we will get one picture its “stillness”. It never changes in its own, some other forces have to act on it to make change. It is Shapeless, where it goes, it takes the shape of that place. In nine planets water is ruled by Moon. Moon represents mind in astrology. So many things are going on all the time in the mind of water hand people, sometimes people around them also cannot understand how they are feeling in a particular situation; they can be laughing apparently but in the inner world may be the opposite is going on. These type of hands are also called “Intuitive hand”, their intuition power is very strong& this makes them very much aware & receptive.

They are changeable & very much emotional. They are idealistic & highly imaginative. If they are really interested in somebody, they love to spend time with him/her.

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