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Fingers In Palmistry – In Shape

 Fingers In Palmistry

Fingers in Palmistry – In Shape


Fingers shape in palmistry: There are some steps to follow in case of any study, and it is also apply here. When somebody is coming to you to show his/her palm for reading, at first, one thing just come in your mind that, from where to start reading the palm, if you are new to this study. So many books are there on Palmistry to tell you plenty of things on palm reading, some are logical or make sense, some does not make at all. You can read so many things on Palmistry but if those are not matching practically so that does not make any sense. In my Palmistry section I will mention only those I found practically matching while reading palm.

 Shape of fingers in palmistry:

Let’s start from the “Hands & Fingers” part of this excellent science.

At first you have to decide that the palm you are reading that contains long finger or short
or medium.


To determine  that look at the palm area, this is the area without fingers if that is smaller
than fingers so those fingers will come into the category of “long fingers”, if the palm part is bigger than fingers so that will come under the “short fingers” category otherwise medium. Remember, as long as you are not sure about the size you can not come to the conclusion at all and if you misunderstand so your prediction could become wrong. To identify correctly one needs continuous practice. Practice will definitely make you perfect.  


Long Fingers In Palmistry

If a hand is containing long fingers, so, the person always pays attention – to detail. They
have a lot of patience & maximum cases love all type of “complex works”. If they get any long work to do they will complete that with great patience. Whether they will be successful in those works or not that is depending on other factors of hand. If they get simple works, so they lose interest very quickly.


Short Fingers In Palmistry

Characteristics of fingers are simply the opposite of long fingers. They are very much
interested short time works, they do not like any long and detail thing in life, they want everything just at once to be completed, because this type of people do not have that much patience like long finger holders. Sometimes they start something totally new before finishing the last work. For that reason sometimes they may have several works to do at the – same time. They are very much impulsive and for this habit they face lot problems also sometime.


Medium Length Fingers In Palmistry

The characteristics of This type of people are the combination or mixture of two types mentioned above. Means, sometimes they will look like they have a lot of patience to do any long work but sometimes they will lose their interest in detail works very quickly.
It is very tough to predict this type of persons & people around him/her can not take any decision on “what type of person he/she is “. Sometimes they think a lot to do a certain work but at time they just jump before thinking or planning. If something attracts their sight so, they want that right then but. If that can not so this type of people take it as a passing interest and they do not show that much interest in those matters


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Astrologer Dr Sankar Bhattacharjee, a respected & “well known” name in Vedic astrology field. He was born in a traditional Brahmin family in India – West Bengal – near Kolkata, “The City Of Joy”, which is one of the major cities in India…….
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Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee is specialized in Predicting Future through Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Vastu & the ancient Horary System.
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