Sun Mount and Line – Age Calculation Of Fame, Success In Palmistry


Sun Mount and Line – Age Calculation Of Fame, Success In Palmistry- Apollo Line Ultimate Guide:- What does the sun line mean in palmistry? Sun is the ultimate source of life, light, and happiness on Earth. In Astrology & Palmistry Sun is Karaka of success and Joy. Sun is denoted as King or Government in today’s age in several branches of Astrology including palmistry.

Sun Mount and Sun Line In Palmistry

If we talk about Sun Mount then, A well-developed Sun Mount in our Palm indicates general happiness and prosperity in life along with good career and income. A well-developed mount of Sun along with fortune line or luck line in palm indicates good success and growth in life along with respect and popularity in society.

sun mount

If there is any cross or black dot on Sun Mount, then it indicates defamation and loss of money and loss of Good fortune in life. If Sun Mount tilted towards Saturn then it indicates a lot of obstacles and hindrances in the life path of native. Native will have to work very hard with patience as there will be much delay in success and fulfillment of desires in the life of the native.

cross on sunline j-c

If Your Sun Mount is not well developed or if there is dent on the Mount of Sun then it indicates lack of fortune, happiness, and success in the life of the native. If There is many intersecting line on the Mount of Sun then it indicates lack of stability and focus in the life of native. Native’s mind will be wavering in many directions and he or she want to do many things simultaneously in their life and fails in completion of every task at hand.

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If Your Sun Mount is tilted towards Mercury’s Mount then it indicates financial prosperity and gains from Government or Government’s resources. You may make your career in teaching or consultancy Field. This Sun Mount’s tilt towards Mercury Mount brings success in the creative field as well.

lines from mercury

When any line comes from Mercury mount and joins sun line without crossing it then it makes the person business-minded and gives success in business. His or her communication skill would be very high and will help in business development.

lines from saturn

If any line comes from the Saturn mount and joins the sun line without crossing it then it makes the person very hardworking and he or she prosper in life after a lot of struggle or ups and downs. This line makes the person very experienced and easily can be a guide for other persons on the same path.

ring of apollo

Ring of Apollo In Palmistry (Sun line)

 Ring line or ring sign on the mount of Sun called Ring of Apollo which indicates lot of obstruction and hindrances in achieving success and happiness in the life of the native. Usually this ring appears on the base of Ring Finger and on the top of Sun Mount. Although, it also indicates lot of creativity and imaginative power in the life of native.

multiple source of sun line

How To Locate Your Sunline on Your Palm: Some students find it difficult to locate sunline on palm. Let’s make it simple, a line can originate from any part of the palm but if goes towards or reaches the sun mount will be called Sunline. As the presence of Sunline on palm gives a clue of achieving name, fame, social prestige, success, and wealth in life, in the same way, the source or starting point or part of the palm gives the answer to the question what will be the source of that success and fame. 

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Different Types of SunLine and its Different origination:- 

Likewise, Starting of the Sun line from Venus mount: mount the line gets the quality of the Venus. As result, the person gets help of the opposite sex to achieving name, fame, social prestige, success, and wealth in life. If this line is present in a man’s hand then he gets the ladder to go up in life from women and vice-versa.

  • When the sunline starts from Mars (upper or lower) mount then it gets the flow of mars energy and achieves success and fame in life through bravery or fields like defense, space scientist, etc.
  • Starting of the Sun line from Moon mount: This type of line shows that the person’s success and fame depend on the other persons around him/ her. It makes the person’s success very unpredictable until his/ her marriage. After marriage, the person gets success and name-fame in life very easily. It gives long-lasting success and fame in the life of the native. It also indicates good luck, success, and wealth after marriage.
  • If the line starts from Mercury mount then the energies of the two mounts are combined together. It gives success through any art form, that could be acting, dancing, painting, etc. This type of sunline also makes the person a very good orator, shows abundance yet worrying nature.
  • The presence of Sun line, as well as Fortune or luck line in the palm, indicates fame and a lot of wealth in the life of native which is rare to see human’s hand. If a person has well developed undisturbed Sun line and Sun Mount along with Fate line or we call fortune line then indicates greater success and Native will lead a celebrity life along with all kinds of wealth and comforts.
  • The Sun or Apollo line can be termed as supportive or sister line for Fate line. The presence of Sun line in a palm of an individual gives a lot of boost to the fortune of that individual.
  • If Sun line originates from Wrist and goes up to headline then it indicates a lot of success and fame from teenage years of life of an individual life.
  • if Sunline in an individual’s palm starts from the mount of Venus and ends at headline then it indicates huge success and huge fame between 25 to 36 years of life. Although Native rise will get diminished quickly from 38th year of life. Prime Example – Superstar Rajesh Khanna.
  • If Sun line originates from Venus at ends at Ring circle or at base of Ring finger gives long-lasting success from young age especially after Marriage.
  • if your Apollo line starts from the center of the palm are the people who get late success in life especially after the age of 40 but it also indicates long-lasting fame in life if the Sunline is clear without getting intersected by another line.
  • if Your Apollo or Dun line starts or originates from Fate line then you will have outstanding achievements in life and you will contribute much towards progress of societies and communities as well. You shall may end up doing great thing for human life or for generation of masses.
  • if Your Apollo or Sun line starts from life line then it gives you great success in the line of education or academics and you will be elevated to position of power and authority mainly in the administrative field but through constant hard work and struggle.
  • Starting of the Sun line from Saturn mount: it indicates Multiple source of Income.
  • If Your Apollo line parallel to Fate line then native will start getting success and fame from 28th year of life

sun line

Presence Of Sun Line (Apollo line) On Palm:- The presence of well developed long elongated line is quite rare in the palm. Common people do not have SunLine in their palm basically. The presence of Unaltered Sunline on the Mount or Below the Mount of Sun indicates lasting prosperity and a lot of popularity in the life of the Native. This Sunline indicates success in artistic, creative, and entertainment fields.

Doubled or Multiple Sun Line:- The double or multiple Sunline in palm makes you versatile and multi-talented and can get you recognition and success in more than one field of profession. But, If there is some gap or cross in between this line then native will be prone to do foolish things in life and their decision-making power will be absent. Native may end up getting deviated towards more than 2 work or profession simultaneously and then non will deliver that much success in the life of Native. Native’s mind will be wavering and there constant struggle for stability and satisfaction in life.

Chained, crossed, or Interjected Sun Line:- Chained Apollo line (Sunline) or crossed line through or line from different areas interjecting Sunline indicates pessimistic attitude of an individual. Native will be fearful and lack of confidence will make native lose vital opportunities in life. Many times, Native will feel dejected in life. Native may get several opportunities in life but native will not be able to manifest or use those opportunities for doing something remarkable in life. Native will also have trust issues and insecurities and lack of satisfaction in life.

island on sunline

Branches & Island:- If your Sun line has branches then it indicates loss of reputation, humiliation, defamation in life. Native may fall from high position in life. Native will lose respect in society and there will be loss of money, position, and Job in life. if an Island on Sunline appears at the intersection of headline or heart line then native may loose reputation due to scandal or lusty behavior towards women.

If Branches from Sun line goes upwards then it indicates success in art, literature and music and native gains fame suddenly in life due to their skill. Native may also acquire tremendous wealth in very short period time.

if Branches of Sunline goes downwards indicates that native will have unrealistic dreams and native will wander aimlessly without proper execution of plans in their life. Due to their unrealistic dreams, native’s ambition remains unfulfilled, and native fails to achieve proper success and fame in life.

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Absence, short, wavy or light line:– If there is absence of Sunline or even if it is present in very narrow way and if it is not deep or clear then it indicates lack of progress, growth, and many lost opportunities in life. Native will lead very common daily life with struggle. His or her regular life will be monotonous like routine life and there will not be sense of comfort or much joy in the life of native. Native will have to struggle hard to feed their family and for earning decent amount of money. Native married life will also be troublesome.

If Sun line starts from life it indicates Native will be born in famous family and will also become famous due to their own deeds as well.

A clear Sunline indicates good success in art or literature and happy marriage. A wavy Sunline indicates generous nature and learned person but native will become unwise and dishonest at some point of time in life. if there is very short Sun but clear sun line at the base of ring finger above heart line then native achieve success and high position in life at an old age. Many PM, CM, and Presidents have this type of Sunline in their palm.

Star, Square, Dot, rectangle, Triangle on Sunline and in Sun Mount:- if there is triangle is formed because of interjection of Head Line Sun line or Heart line Sun line or with Fate line then native may get famous all over the country and may also get quite famous in all over the world. Age of Fame depends on the point of interjection like if triangle is formed on Heart line then native achieves huge fame and success after the age of 40. If it is formed on Head line the native attains quick success in life from the age of 20.

  • A line from Venus crosses Sun line indicates trouble from women.
  • A cross on sun line indicates flickering minded person.
  • A black dot on Sunline indicates disreputation and sometimes imprisonment along with loss of fortune and loss of wealth  in life in young age.
  • A Star on Sunline indicates tremendous face value and hysteria among masses with fan base all over the world.
  • A Square and Rectangle on  Sunline denote luck, fame  and wealth in the life of an individual.
  • An island on Sunline is a sign on palm which indicates failure in love affair as well as defamation, allegation,court case from women or opposite gender. There can also be fraud in financial dealings which might become cause of your humiliation.

Sun Line Age Calculation Method

sunline age calculation

How To Calculate The Age Of Results Of Sun Line: The actual start of the sunline should be from the base of the palm, and the age will be counted on the basis of that. To calculate age from Sun Line to see the timing of success, fame, and other changes related to Sun Line we need to take the reference of headline and heartline.

Where the sun line touches the head line that should be the age of 35 to 36 and where it touches the heart line it indicates the 45 to 46. Then the rest of the age calculation will become very easy. Look at your palm if the sun line is present then from which age it is starting from that age actually all results of the sun line will be manifested.

For example, if Sun line originates from Heart line and goes towards or reaches the ring finger or sun mount then it indicates fame and success after 35 years, and when starts from a little bit above of it then the age would be somewhere around 40 years.

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