Heart Line In Palmistry


Heart Line In Palmistry

Heart Line In Palmistry: A line starts from the region under the Mercury mount, means Little finger and ends at the Jupiter mount. In western palmistry this line is called “Heart Line”, but in Indian palmistry, this line is called “Life Line” or the “line of skill”. Here “life” doesn’t only mean that how long a person will live in this world rather it means how meaningful somebody’s life would be, in short – whether the life would be “with life” or “lifeless”.    

Heart Line In Palmistry

Analysis of Heart Line  

This line is ruled by Jupiter, so what you judge from the planet Jupiter those same things should be judged from this line also. If we analyse the starting phase of this line so we will get three stages. 1. Starting from Mercury Mount and stops between ending of Mercury mount and the starting of Sun mount. 2. Can stop between sun and Saturn mount. 3. Can stop before entering the Jupiter’s mount, And finally 4. Reaches the Jupiter’s mount or also cross it.      

Heartline always crosses the four mounts, those are – Mercury, Sun, Saturn and sometimes finally Jupiter. That’s why we see variety in results when we analyse this line properly.    

How long and how nearer the line would be to Jupiter mount that much good effect of Jupiter would be there in the person’s character. How far away it would be from Jupiter’s mount that much lack of Jupiterian quality would be there in that person. This is very general rule and very true also.    

The heart line should be well-formed, clean means without any kind of cross or another kind of small lines, then only it can give a person a peaceful and meaningful life.    

When we talk about love so two planets come in our mind. One is Venus and another is Jupiter. Now, we have to understand that what is the difference between Venusian love and Jupiterian love. In Venusian love, a “give and take” policy would be there and somehow that would be connected to sex if the relationship or love is between two opposite sex. Venus alone can not give a selfless love at all as long as the planet is not making any relationship with Jupiter. But, when we talk about Jupiter we talk about actually selfless love, the kind of love which can embrace the whole world selflessly.    

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Now you may think that why I have given you short on Venusian & Jupiterian love. That is very simple, here we are talking about Heart Line and we believe that heart is the center of love and if in any hand Venus mount is more prominent than Jupiter’s mount and The heart line doesn’t reach the Jupiter mount or any branch of heart line also doesn’t make connection with the Jupiter’s mount so that person’s love would be controlled by Venus only and he would obviously believe in “give and take” policy in every part of his life, whether that would be any kind of relationship or mass. But in case of Jupiter, the matter is fully opposite. Venusian people see the whole world as “give & take”, they do not believe in the existence of any other policy. But, Jupiter, on the other hand, doesn’t know “give & take”, he only believes in giving & do not expect at all taking anything in return, these type of people only loves to give selflessly. But, If both mounts are prominent in any hand so there would be a nice balance between selfless and “give & take” mentality. The person knows where to apply which formula. To selfish people, they are very much selfish but to wise they are even wiser. They do not show mercy to selfish people, but very soft to wise people. But, if only Jupiter mount is prominent, so they would only know to give. Whatever they have, they will give that to others without thinking of his/herself. While giving anything they do not judge whether the person who is taking he/she is selfish/criminal/ opportunist or any kind of bad character.     

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Simple Divisions Of Heart Line    

So, from the above discussion we have come to know that heart line controls our emotional lives. The line is governed by Jupiter, it starts from the Mercury mount and ends at before Jupiter’s mount or crosses the mount. Now before starting the detail discussion of Heart Line, let’s look at the simple divisions of the line.    

If we divide the Heart Line characteristically so two types will come into fore. 1. Extrovert Life Line and 2. Introvert Life Line.    

Extrovert HEART Line:    

When the Line starts from the Mercury mount means little finger and ends at – between Saturn Mount & Jupiter mount/ index finger & Middle finger that line is called Extrovert Heart Line, it curves towards the finger. People with this type of line are very much extrovert, they are fully able to say what is there in their mind, they believe in “express yourself” policy. If they have any feelings they know how to express them properly. They often face ups and downs in their relationships and in other parts of life more than other people, but they can adjust themselves very quickly with any kind of odd situation. In short, they are very open nature kind of person and expressive, very expert to say their inner-most feelings & affectionate.    

Introvert Heart Line:    

Another type of Heart Line is Introvert Heart Line, this type of line is also called mental line. This line just goes across the palm & does not curve at all at the end. These type of people are very much introvert, they find it difficult to express their inner most feelings. Sometimes they suffer from this inability to express their feelings in silence and keep those in their mind. They may have a plenty of “Romantic Feelings” which is very hard to understand for a common person in reality. They are very much sensitive and need plenty of space to express their feelings.    

Heart Line Endings:    

The Heart Line ending is also very important if the line ends in between Saturn and Jupiter’s finger so that is a good sign for a realistic world and this position gives a nice balance between ego and practicality. Ego is represented by Jupiter/ index finger and practical sense that means the sense of reality is ruled by Saturn/ Middle finger.    

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But if the line ends at Jupiter Mount, the region under the index finger so these type of people will find it very difficult to adjust with other people. It makes them very idealistic & easily hurt. Other people will find it very difficult to satisfy them & fulfil their expectations…………TO BE CONTINUED……

So many things are still there to discuss, and I will discuss those ones by one. If you want to know more about astrology, palmistry, numerology, Vastu & more just subscribe and get updates of all my articles.  

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