Rahu In 12th House Love, Sex, Marriage, Career, Loss, Health, Jail

Rahu In 12th House Love, Sex, Marriage, Career, Loss, Health, Jail

Rahu in 12th house Love, Marriage, Career, Bed Pleasure, Sex, Sleep, Loss & Expenditure, Foreign connection & Residence:-  Rahu in 12th house gives lot of financial prosperity and success in life. Rahu in 12th house will make native intelligent, tactful, diplomatic with good communication skills.

North Node in 12th from Lagna for all Ascendants

Rahu in 12th house gives multiple source of income from young age. Rahu in 12th house makes native energetic, vocal, courageous, curious, anxious, and very thoughtful. Rahu in 12th house people may lack foresight and wisdom in young age.

Rahu or North Node of Moon in 12th house From Lagna For All Ascendant General Effect:-  Effect and Result of Rahu or North Node of Moon in 12th house can differ from person to person as placement of different sign in 12th house, malefic& benefic dignity, degree, aspects, affliction, combination, conjunction of Rahu in 12th house, Rahu in different Nakshatra(Constellation) as well as strength and dignity of 12th bhav.

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Rahu in 12th house gives a very materialistic and easy-going attitude in life. Native will chase their ambitions, dreams and desires. They may choose some immoral pathway to fulfill their objectives. Although, many of their dreams will come true in foreign country or place far away from birth town. Rahu in 12th house gives success in the multi-national industry, pharma industry, textile industry, food industry, etc.

Rahu in 12th house in Horoscope and Love Life

Rahu in this house causes success and happiness in love life. Rahu in 12th house gives much flair and dynamism, joy in love affair. Native may meet their right match very early in life. Native might get cheated in love life. Opposite sex will easily get attracted towards native.

Rahu in this house gives more than 1 love affair simultaneously. Rahu in 12th bhav gives some kind of casual approach towards committed relationship. Although, person will love their romantic partner and vice versa.

Native may also loose their first unconditional love in their life at a very early adult age. Native will not be very serious in some of their romantic affairs and may indulge in cheating and clandestine affairs.

Rahu in 12th house Marriage and Bed Pleasure/ Sex

Rahu in this house gives good sexual life after marriage but some misunderstanding and lack of support may be felt in your married life. You or your spouse may cheat each other. Few People may get divorced as well.

Overall married life will have ups and downs with some happiness and some days of pain, fear, and sorrow. Domestic harmony may get hampered several times in life. There will ego and temperamental issues between you and your spouse.

Although, You will get lucky and will have stability in life after marriage. You may gain some wealth as a gift or dowry after marriage.

Rahu in 12th house in Horoscope/ Kundli and Career

Native will be very ambitious regarding their career. Native will not let anything come between their work whether family or love. Career in acting, modeling, police service, government service in ministry department, tourist guide, real estate business, speculation business, marketing field, advertisement industry. Native may also get hired as a telecommunicator, accountant, Human resource developing manager, etc.

Rahu in this house gives a lot of credibility at the workplace and also in public eye. Rahu in this house makes native lead a very pleasurable lifestyle and native work may get related to Hotels & Travels.

Native will be foody and his/ her passion for food may lead native to food industry. Rahu in this gives success also in sales and marketing as well.

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Rahu in 12th house in Horoscope and Loss/ Expenditure

Rahu in this house makes native control their extra expenses and unnecessary expenses. Native will have good savings in life from the age of 40. Native will have decent income in young age but will become wealthy after the age of 42.

Rahu in this house may let you dive in extravagant activities but for a short period of time. Medical expenses will be high but your income will be high too from the middle years of life.

There will be difficulties in saving money at young due to extra expenses and high-class food habits but you will have savings from the age of 40. Liquor drinking, smoking may lead native high expenses.

Native may also get involved in seeking bed pleasure outside marriage by spending much money and may hire escorts. Some natives may get involved in prostitution as well. Native will travel distant land which will increase their expenses regularly on monthly and yearly basis.

Rahu/ Dragon’s Tail in 12th house Health and Hospitalization

Native may suffer from Heart trouble and Gall bladder issue. There will be problems with burning sensation and allergic skin at times. Native may get problem of pimple face in young age. Rahu in this house may give you heavy breathing issues.

Rahu in 12th bhav/ house gives head injury and stomach trouble in life. Native may also get hospitalized in life due to food positioning, liver trouble, etc. Native may have intestinal operation, head operation due to accident or violence in life.

Rahu in 12th House and Foreign Residence/ Settlement

Rahu in this house do give own house and chance of permanent settlement in foreign land after the age of 40. Native will be away from their home and birthplace for their occupation. Native may not get success in their own birthplace, birth town or birth country. Rahu in this bhav gives large property in foreign country.

Native may work as forex trader,  bitcoin seller in foreign country. Native may get fame in foreign land and may adopt foreign culture in family and sometimes changes their birth religion and practice some other religion.

Rahu in 12th House in Birth Chart and imprisonment/ Jail

Rahu in this house may land you in troubles and in Jail but for a short period of time. Rahu in this house may eventually ease out legal complications, law-Judiciary process after some initial struggle. There might be allegations on native for fraud and cheating.

Native may get caught by indulging in immoral deeds or in illegal activity. Native may also suffer from scandals in life but native will face these challenges with courage and after some years native will come out as winner.

Rahu in this house sometimes leads to deportation due to breaking rules or fraud documents, especially at young age. Native may get caught in smuggling drugs and arms as well. Native can do fraud and earn great profit in trade and export.

Special Effects of Rahu in 12th house in Vedic Astrology

Rahu in this bhav or house gives a lot of popularity in social life. Some clandestine affair may happen in your life. Some bad deeds or illegal activities may hamper your reputation and respect at workplace as well in Society.

Native may suffer from Jealousy and anxiety at times. Rahu in this house may let you love yourself more and one may become aloof, self-centered at times in life. Rahu in this house gives serious anxiety issues regarding work, money, and family.

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2 thoughts on “Rahu In 12th House Love, Sex, Marriage, Career, Loss, Health, Jail

  1. Sai Govind says:

    Sir, if you dont mind, please tell me if Rahu is is in the 12th house in Swati nakshatra for Scorpio ascendant without any other planet aspecting or conjunct it. Is this above placement a good, neutral, or bad placement of rahu? And during rahu mahadasha will it give good results?

    • Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee says:

      Hi Sai Govind,

      Thanks for your question. Generally, Rahu in 12th house in Swati Nakshatra for Scorpio Ascendant can be a bit of a mixed bag. It can bring some advantages in terms of creativity and spirituality but can also create some unpredictable and difficult outcomes, so it’s important to be mindful about how Rahu is influencing the native during its Mahadasha. Without other planets influencing Rahu (including conjunction, aspects etc.), it can be quite difficult to predict the exact outcome for your chart.

      But overall, 12th House Placement of Rahu: The 12th house is often associated with spirituality, foreign lands, expenses, losses, and isolation. With Rahu in this house, there might be a heightened interest in spirituality, metaphysical studies, and exploring the depths of the subconscious mind. However, there could also be a tendency to indulge in escapism, daydreaming, or even secretive behaviors’. This placement may also bring about an urge to explore foreign lands or engage in activities that are not always straightforward.

      Swati Nakshatra: Swati is ruled by the planet Rahu and falls under the domain of the airy sign Libra. It is associated with qualities like independence, charm, and a desire for freedom. Individuals born under the influence of Swati are often motivated by a strong need to explore and find balance in their lives.

      Rahu Mahadasha: The impact of Rahu’s mahadasha (major period) can be quite significant. Rahu periods often bring about rapid changes, intense experiences, and opportunities for growth, although these can sometimes be accompanied by challenges. The results during this period would depend on various factors such as Rahu’s placement in the natal chart, its aspects, and its relationship with other planets.

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