Saturn In 7th House Love, Sex, Marriage, Career, Finance, Education

Saturn In 7th House Love, Sex, Marriage, Career, Finance, Education

Saturn in 7th house Love, Career, Marriage, Sex, Finance, Health, Family, Education:- Shukra in seventh house of horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart: When Saturn happens to be placed in  7th house of a horoscope in an individual chart means native may fall for a partner who may be older than native in age and also inexperience of life.

Shani Graha in 7th from Lagna for all Ascendants

However, Native’s married life will full of loyalty, trust, and dependability on spouse to a certain extent. But there could also be a certain feeling of limitation and lack of excitement in your married life. Although your married life will be fulfilling and long-lasting despite being a feeling of boredom in your conjugal life and union. Spouse will be caring for your needs and desire and will be responsive to your feelings but you will somehow not be fully content and satisfied with your marriage and family life.

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Saturn or Shani in 7th house from Lagna for all Ascendant:-  Effect of Saturn or Shani in 7th can differ from the person because of Different sign placement in 7th house, Saturn’s dignity, combustion, degree, strength, lordship, affliction, conjunction, malefic or benefic aspect on  Saturn, combination, Astakvarga points, etc..

Saturn in 7th house indicates a strained relationship with in-laws and maternal relatives. Saturn in 7th house gives issues and complications in the family after Marriage. Saturn in 7th house may also give loss of at least one parent at an early age. Relation with family members, associates, and servants/ employees will not always be amicable or smooth.

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There will be disturbances in the relationship aspect from time to time. But overall, Native will be amicable to and will form long bonding of friendship and partnership with Some influential and rich people in society. Friends of native will be very wealthy with rich associates.

Saturn in 7th house and Love Affair in Vedic Astrology

Saturn in 7th house in the Birth chart and Love Relationships in Vedic Astrology:- Native will not be involved in many love affairs in their whole life except one or maybe two both those will be serious ones but will ultimately become fruitless and unfulfilling. Native dreams and desires for love and relationship will not be fulfilled in life. Native mainly goes for arranged marriage when Saturn happens to be in 7th house from Natal chart or Lagna Kundli.

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Saturn in 7th house and SEX / Sexual Health in Vedic Astrology

Saturn in 7th house in Kundli and Your Sex Life:- Native’s sex life will not be that exciting and pleasurable. The native will be devoid of sexual pleasure and excitement till the young age. Even after Marriage, the native will less care for physical intimacy and more for finding emotional and mental balance in the family as we as in conjugal life.

Native may also suffer from any sexual disease or problems in sexual organs at a young age for a temporary period of time. The native will lack sexual intimacy in life even with their lover or romantic partner.

Saturn/ Shani in 7th house in Kundli/ Natal Chart and Marriage

Saturn in 7th house horoscope/Kundli/Birth chart and Marriage:- Delay in Marriage is certain after the placement of Saturn in 7th house in D1 chart. Marriage after 30 is certain but one should get married after 33 to invite a pleasant harmonious and peaceful environment in married life. The native will not get settled fully in life or will not be stable materialistically and career-wise until 36 years of age.

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The married life of the native will be overall decent but there will be a lack of mutual understanding and co-operation within marriage on a few occasions or circumstances. The native will not get much sexual pleasure from spouse.

Although Spouse will be loyal and decent but married life will be monotonous with many responsibilities including the responsibility of other family members. The native will also become a winner in a lawsuit or in litigation and, may work in the field of  Judiciary and Justice.

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Saturn in 7th house of Horoscope/ Birth Chart – Your Career

Saturn in 7th house of Horoscope and Career:- Native will do wonders if involve in the political line. The native will serve masses through NGO’S and through another charitable source. The native will become the favorite of deprived class in their life, especially when involving in politics. Native can also become an extremely wealthy builder, contractor, constructor, architect, civil engineer, etc.

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The native will also do well in the field of economics and commerce. The native will also earn from mutual funds, investment, stock market, shares market, speculation, gambling, etc. Native van becomes a mass leader and success in politics is possible after the age of 38.

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Business in transport or in iron- ore or dealing with steel and rod or business of hardware will fetch you immense profits and wealth after initial hurdles, delays, and failures. You will get stability in your career after the age of 36. You will get much gains and money from a business partnership.

Saturn/ Shani in 7th house in Kundli/ Horoscope and Finance

Saturn in 7th House in Horoscope and Your Finance:-  Native will also do well in the field of economics and commerce. The native will also earn from mutual funds, investment, stock market, shares market, speculation, gambling, etc. The native will also earn as an agent or by lending money on interest. The native will also some money from agriculture and real estate but that money will not be stable and consistent in native’s life.

Saturn in 7th house of Horoscope – Your Health

The health of the native will be fine and stable but native will suffer mentally because of the physical illness of their parents, spouse, and children. Native may get emotionally disturbed and mentally drained by handling regular health complications in their family life. Much money of the native will go in the expense of medication as well as managing a healthy lifestyle.

Saturn in 7th house of Horoscope/ Kundli – Your Family Life

The family life of the native will not be much harmonious or peaceful or prosperous in consistent manner but overall will be united and family members will be respectful towards each other. The overall native will enjoy decent family support and harmony in the family.

The native will also get some peace and happiness in the family during their middle years. Native children will be intelligent and smart but will suffer from health issues. Native may get some monetary support from parents, blood relatives, and siblings but ultimately native will be self- made individual due to own hard work without much support.

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Special effects of Saturn in 7th house in Natal chart/ Astrology

There are chances that individual with Saturn in 7th house may get married in search and need of emotional security rather than love and companionship. You are very logical and calculative in love.

You need a partner who stimulates and motivates you to work hard, gives you a solid purpose in life to live on, and taste the sweet fruit of success. Your spouse will play a key role in putting your life in order. There will certain desire and urge of your spouse to see you well established in life.

Although there will be less dependability on spouse from your side. You may also fear from committing and devoting yourself fully to your spouse and family.  A benefic and auspicious Saturn with the strength along with positive aspects from other planets without affliction in 7th  will lead to a marriage where both partners will remain loyal to each other and will stay devoted and will stick to their vows they take during the marriage.

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