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Manglik Or Mangal Dosha In Horoscope

Manglik Dosha In Horoscope In Astrology

Manglik or Mangal Dosha in Horoscope – Vedic Astrology

Manglik Or Mangal Dosha In Horoscope Astrology: In our society there are so many misconceptions about Manglik or Mangal Dosha. Parents of Manglik girl or boys can not sleep at night properly in the scare of this yoga. They become harassed and frustrated also in choosing bride or groom for their son or daughter. 

But, it is very much interesting that no classic take this yoga so violently or on a serious note how we and some unskilled and untrained astrologers take just to bag some bucks. Some astrologers have misinterpreted the original “Sanskrit Sloka” and has misguided general people.

 The Reality Of Mangal Or Manglik Dosh In Astrology:

When Mars is placed in 1st, 2nd , 4th, 7th , 8th , and 12th house, so the native is said to have or suffer from “Manglik” or “Mangal Dosha” and it is also said that if a girl is manga like or a man is Manglik so their spouse will die after marriage. 

In my practice life, I have seen so many couples with “Manglik Dosha” is leading their normal marital life with children. 

So, what is the actually meaning of this Mangalik Dosha ? is there really any harm to marry a Manglik person ? Here is the answer: 

The actual reason behind Mangal or Mars is considered so important in the case of marriages especially if that planet is in one of the above-mentioned houses. Mars is a fiery planet and if placed in those houses so it can give a good potential of sexual drive. The native will be sexually very sensitive and sometimes obsessed, depending on the other factors of a horoscope. And think if the sexual need does not match between the couple so, plenty of problems arise. It is very easy to say that “Marriage” is not only for sex but practically the picture something different, it plays a great role in keeping peace in marital life. 

If someone can not fulfill the sexual demand of his/her partner one misunderstanding starts and side by side the physical condition of the opposite also become worse. For all these reasons, it is advised that a “Manglik” should marry a “Manglik” only, otherwise a lot of other problems will arise. Sometimes it may result in divorce also. Do not think at all that somebody has “Manglik Dosha” that means the partner of that person will die. It is a wrong concept. If other “Death of spouse” yoga or combinations are not present in horoscope so only “Manglik Dosha” can not be a prime cause of death of the partner.

Some other factors are there also, I will be explaining all according to the placement of Mars in those houses where it is called “Mangalik”:

manglik Dosha

Mars In 1st house – Manglik Or Mangal Dosha In Horoscope:

1st house is the house of physical fitness. When Mars has placed here it aspects 4th house of domestic peace and mental happiness, 7th house of marriage & sex, lastly 8th house, the house of longevity & sexual organs, all these essential components of marital happiness are affected due the placement of  this planet.


Mars In 2nd house – Mangal Or Manglik Dosha In Horoscope:

2nd house in the horoscope represents the relatives of the spouse and the wealth of the native, from here Mars aspects 8th house, 5th house of love & bonding, and the 9th house of general destiny. So due to this placement , Mars damages the components of those houses.


Mars In 4th house – Mangal Or Manglik Dosha In Astrology:

This is the house of mental peace and domestic happiness if Mars is placed here it damages the 4th house components and due its aspect on the 7th house, the house of sex and attraction between husband & wife come under the shade of unhappiness.


Mars In 7th house – Manglik Or Mangal Dosha In Horoscope:

I have mentioned above the importance of 7th house , mars just damage all those and also damage the 2nd house which is the house of longevity of the spouse.


Mars In 8th houseManglik Or Mangal Dosha In Astrology:

8th house indicates the longevity of the person whose horoscope you are judging, this is also the house of “Mangalya” and “Mangal Sutra” for a wife, if Mars is placed in that house, so, it damages the longevity and accident or injuries may happen.


Mars In 12th houseMangal Or Manglik Dosh In Horoscope:

12th house indicates bed-pleasure of the couple for their sexual enjoyment, and if Mars is placed in this house so it also aspects 7th house of sex and conjugal peace & happiness and damages both the 12th house and 7th house components.

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  • Bhavana

    Hi! The boy that I want to marry is said to have manglik dosa. My parents are strictly against it thinking that we will not even be alive to spend our life together. What is the solution in this case? I am not a manglik.